1500 unique NFTs
The first 60 NFTs available at CNFT.io and JPG.Store
A real Game Boy game
A real game in cartridge format, playable only on the Game Boy. Only 1500 units.
Easter Egg: ADA Wallet
The first one to find the Easter Egg will have access to a ADA wallet with the 10% of ADA raised in the project.
Game delivery
The physical game will be delivered Immediately after selling the 1500 NFT.


Get an NFT (only 1500 available)
Receive your physical game
Discover the easter egg
Access the ADA wallet
I'm Pizel, involved into the artistic creation of video games and digital art for more than 20 years,  an early adopter of ADA/ Cardano.
Since the advent of NFTs, I have wanted to take a positive approach to applying the benefits of NFTs beyond offering art, games and innovative projects.
The great advance of this technology allows to verify exclusive items and limited series in an exceptional way, so with this project I want to put it into practice.
Below I explain the project in detail:
1- The 'DISTINGUISHED MEMBER' NFT collection is made up of 1500 unique handcrafted NFTs. Each of these NFTs is tied to 1 unique and exclusive Game Boy game.
2- Only those who have an NFT will receive the physical Game Boy game on the delivery date.
3- There is an easter egg hidden inside the game. The first to discover it will have access to an ADA wallet with 10% of the total ADA collected from the 'DISTINGUISHED MEMBER' collection. Remember that to play the game you will need an original Game Boy from the year 1989 or compatible systems with original Game Boy cartridges.

Creation of the first 60 NFT's & Launch at CNFT.io & JPG.Store

3Q 2022

Creation of the first 1000 NFT's, media, communication

4Q 2022

Creation of the last 448 NFT's & ceating the game

1Q 2023

Delivery of the physical Game (approximately)

2Q 2023


Do you want to join the experience?

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